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Linux on the GPD Win

Conan Kudo
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Linux on the GPD Win - Page 3 Empty Re: Linux on the GPD Win

Post by FuLgOrE 2017-02-20, 00:40

Now, more than 2 month after my last post I don't expect anybody from the supplier to help anymore.

It would be nice if you would help to get the battery indication for linux working. For me the device is somehow useless at the moment.

I see you are producing a new device for Ubuntu and Windows10. I guess for you it's easy to help to get the battery indication working.

A bit support would be nice. Maybe somebody who is interested in the new device is reading this here. I think they would more likely buy something if the support is good.


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Linux on the GPD Win - Page 3 Empty Re: Linux on the GPD Win

Post by hansdegoede 2017-04-01, 15:12

I've been working lately on making sure Linux works properly with the GPDwin, see:

Note I'm starting a new thread on this please post any questions / remarks about my work there.


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Linux on the GPD Win - Page 3 Empty Re: Linux on the GPD Win

Post by Nazo 2018-04-22, 09:08

I hope no one minds me bumping this, but I want to ask:  was the display going black problem ever solved?  I'm trying a very recent Lubuntu build which has a lot more stuff working (such as battery display btw) out of the box, but I'm still running into my display going completely blank.  In fact, it does this during startup even in text mode with the lightdm service disabled.  (I set it to verbose and it goes by too fast for me to really see, but it's right about where it first starts showing stuff in green.)  The screen flickers once or twice (momentarily showing the text again) with a line possibly appearing in the middle depending.  It's almost like something such as (but obviously not) lightdm is starting and messing with the video.  Actually, it almost feels like there's a black overlay on top rather than the LCD not accepting the image or something silly like that if that makes any sense.

BTW, is there any way to rotate grub? I haven't found anything googling around so far. It's positively maddening trying to type with the screen rotated like that...

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Linux on the GPD Win - Page 3 Empty Re: Linux on the GPD Win

Post by Sponsored content

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