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GPD WIN 10 gamepad system manual

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GPD WIN 10 gamepad system manual

Post by Karen_zhou on 2016-12-14, 06:50

GPD WIN gamepad is an installed genuine WIN 10 system standard laptop with hardware configuration. Without certain knowledge of software and hardware, maybe you cannot play this PC gamepad well. As more and more people have joined the group of GPD, this is the time to share some standard manual to customers.

Where can you purchase GPD WIN?
You may be able to purchase from below link: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/GPD-WIN-Gamepad-Laptop-NoteBook-Tablet-PC-5-5-Handheld-Game-Console-Video-Game-Player-x7/1281164_32749738566.html?spm=2114.8147860.0.0.bjwt5T
We suggest you to buy from the formal channels, as the official listing version has way better quality.

Using WIN 10 easy to go into the sleeping mode?
GPD WIN is a gamepad with WIN10 system, so it has the drawbacks that WIN 10 system has. Please don’t complain about the quality of GPD, you may complain that Microsoft is not strong enough. If this happens, you may go directly into setting-system-power supply option to turn off the sleeping mode.

Which games can it play?
In theory GPD WIN can run all the games supported by WIN 10 system. For hardware configuration it uses quadro core, 4G RAM, 64G eMMC, so it has no pressure in playing normal 3D games. For the new 3D games you need to adjust them to the low specs to run them smoothly, for example, Overwatch and GTA5.

Where to download the games?
For simulator games you may download chicken simulator, for stand-alone games you may go to websites like 3DM, to play genuine games you may go to Steam platform to download. There are many high quality games from Steam platform. For online games please download from the game official websites.

We strongly suggest you not to install the anti-virus software!
The functionality of the GPD WIN will be decreased by 30% after you installing the anti-virus software. For someone who likes to install more than two anti-virus software you may hardly play on this pc. If you are afraid your GPD WIN will get some virus, please be careful when downloading some software. We suggest you not to watch some tiny movies, if you really wish to watch some movies, we suggest you to download a XP virtual machine. If it gets the virus you just simply uninstall the XP.

Why I got stuck in playing games, but no when watching the video?
Because of the complexity of windows software, there can be many reasons for it. Some can be solved by going to different websites to download different game version, some can be solved by installing some patch for the games, or optimizing the game setting. In short, you may play GPD WIN well by learning the WIN 10 system. Do you feel it is good to spend some money on the gamepad while gaining some software/hardware knowledge?

How to choose storage accessories?
GPD WIN has the setting with 64G eMMC, the reading speed of memory will have direct impact with the functionality of the games. So when you choose TF card and external U disk, please try to choose the high speed read, especially if you wish to buy the TF card with 128G, some might not be recognized. So you may purchase it from some stores which can refund the product without reason, so that you may have a try before making sure it can be used. When you choose the U disk, you may choose the one with MLC high speed flash memory, which will have a faster speed.

Turn off the auto update
If you don’t know WIN 10 well, we suggest you to keep the settings of the original version, do not use auto update, do not install useless drivers, and do not use the factory reset.


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Re: GPD WIN 10 gamepad system manual

Post by Karen_zhou on 2016-12-15, 02:39

Thanks for reading Very Happy


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